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The 5 Best Dual Shower Head Reviews For Your Money in 2017

A dual shower head is a great item to add to any bathroom. Along with a quality shower arm, they work with two different parts in mind. First of all, there is the traditional shower head like a rain shower head that can be adjusted at its base. Secondly, there is a smaller handheld shower head that you can remove and use with a different spray pattern when you are trying to wash off hard-to-reach areas on your body.

A great dual shower head with shower arm have to be analyzed based on how well it can administer water and be easy to adjust, as well as the water pressure in the house. It also needs to come with a great value. Fortunately, there are five great dual shower heads that you can use that are not only useful and functional but also affordable—and provides a wonderful shower experience.

Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function

This first dual function high pressure shower head with shower filter is made with a beautiful chrome body. It offers a fine shine that stands out.

The main head has a four-inch face and a three-zone lever dial. These allow you to quickly adjust the way how water comes out of the shower head.

The second showerhead works with a five-foot stainless steel hose. The head has nearly the same overall size as the primary one.

There are 24 possible settings that you can use with this set in mind. You can adjust the heads with a proper series of levers or knobs to allow for a gentle mist, a power massage jet or a wider rain flow to come about among many other options.

Its Cost

You can find this Hydroluxe shower head set for $55. It can be found for about half that total depending on where you go or what offers may be available.

F&W A-Flow Luxury System

The second choice to see is this five-function luxury set from F&W. It has a four-inch head and uses a three-way shower system. You can get water to come out of either head or even both at the same time. The two four-inch heads work with a diverter to adjust the water flow and water pressure.

A dial is included on each head. It adjusts the water flow in terms of how it will be administered with rain, aeration and massage options included. There are five settings overall as you can combine different options to run at the same time.

The secondary head uses a five-foot hose. This hose uses ABS materials and is very flexible in its design.

What to Pay

This exciting luxury shower head is available for $50 in most places. This is an impressive cost when you consider the functionality of this unit.

DreamSpa 1432 3-Way Shower Head

The large size of the main head on the DreamSpa 1432 model is a popular feature that allows for more coverage as you are washing off. The main head is seven inches in diameter. It uses a three-zone system that lets you adjust the way how water flows out of the shower head with ease. You can also lock the angle that the shower head is at with a separate lever, thus keeping the flow of water consistent.

The smaller hand shower head is only four inches in size but it works with seven settings that you can adjust through a lever on its body. You can use a high-power massaging motion or a lighter rain effect on the shower head. This also comes with a flexible ABS cord and is about five feet long.

What to Pay

You would only have to spend $55 to get this DreamSpa shower head set. It can be found for $30 in some places though.

HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra Luxury Shower Head Set

HotelSpa has designed with outstanding dual shower head set with its on-off flow control knob. This can be found at the base of the handheld shower head and allows you to adjust how water flows out of it. You can get water to come from both heads at the same time if desired or you can use the knob to control how the water might flow.

The main shower head is six inches in size while the portable handheld one is four inches. Each has six settings including mist, rain, massage, and pulsating modes. These allow you to get enough water for your washing needs or to possibly conserve water if needed.

The three-way diverter also ensures that you can quickly get water to move out as needed in any direction. It works with many ports around the body of the shower head set to allow water to flow out well and with ease.

General Cost

With all of these features in mind, it is surprising that this HotelSpa model costs as little as it does. You can get this for $60 with some places selling it for about half that total.

Ana Bath SS54550CBN

The last of the dual shower heads to see is this model from Ana Bath. It offers five functions and comes with a brushed nickel finish to add the best overall feeling possible. The two shower heads are five inches each while a five-foot hose is used for the handheld unit.

The three-way diverter helps to adjust how water flows between the two heads. Five different functions are also used with bubbling, massaging, and saturating sprays being used. These work in different intensities and can even be adjusted to where multiple sprays may work at the same time.

The brushed nickel finish also adds a relaxing look to the shower heads. It offers a great appearance that stands out and offers a comfortable texture without being far too bright in its appearance.

What to Spend

The cost for this particular set is around $55. This is a strong value when you consider how functional and easy to handle this model is.


Check out all five of these dual shower head options for your bathroom space. These are all good options that are easy to control and adjust any way you might see fit. These all work well and are incredibly functional. These all work without breaking your budget too.

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